Tool Panel

Tool Panel

The tool panel shows tool listings and settings.

1. Drawing Color

This panel shows drawing primary/secondly colors.

You can exchange primary/secondly color by clicking the upper right arrow icon. The under left checker button toggles normal/transparent color.

2. Common Tools

These tools can be use with both normal/vector layer. You can change tool shortcut key by double clicking these icon.

3. Custom Tool Tray

The custom tool tray contains user customized brush like tools, you can create each tools that have your favorite setting as presets.




Select Tool

Double Clicking

Show Tool Config Dialog


Move Tool

Right Dragging

Move or Duplicate Tool

4. Size Grip for Custom Tool Tray

For adjusting vertical size of custom tool tray.

5. Tool Parameters

Tool specific parameters for selected tool.

Common Brush Parameters

Common Brush Parameters SAI

1. Drawing Mode

Select drawing composition mode.


Drawing color changes gradually to selected color, this is standard painting mode almost all paint software.


Drawing color become more vividly.


Drawing color become more deeply and darkly.


Drawing color changes gradually to multiply of selected color and the canvas color.

2. Brush Edge Shape

Control brush edge fading shape

3. Brush Size

Control brush size, the slider size unit can be changed by the button left side of this slider

4. Minimum Size

Select minimum brush size in minimum pressure.

5. Brush Density

Select brush drawing density.

6. Brush Shape

Select brush circle shape, excepting [simple circle], each shape specific attribute can be controled by the right side slider.



Slider Affection


Blotted ink like shape

Control blot amount

Blot & Noise

Finely blotted ink like shape.

Round Brush

Round painting brush like shape

Control fiber thickness

Flat Brush

Flat painting brush like shape

7. Brush Texture

Control the effect that brushes are affected by canvas surface grain with texture. The right side slider controls the grain strength.

8. +/- Advanced Settings

Show/Hide advanced settings described below.

9. Quality

Set drawing and blending quality, large value become more smooth but more slow.

10. Edge Hardness

Set brush edge hardness, this parameter almostly for small sized brush set more clear or more soft looks.

11. Minimum Density

Set minimum drawing density for minimum pressure.

12. Max Dens Prs.

Set maximum pressure for maximum drawing density.

13. Hard <-> Soft

Adjust response for pressure support.

14. Press:Dens

Set brush density is affected by pressure, lower pressure become lower density.

15. Press:Size

Set brush size is affected by pressure, lower pressure become smaller brush.

16. Press:Blend

Set blending amount is affected by pressure, lower pressure gives more canvas color remained.

17. Brush Size Lists

You can select brush size from sample shape listings.

(*) Notice : All of tools don't always support these all parameters, some parameters aren't controllable in some tools.