Main Window

SAI Paint Tool Main Window
  1. Menu Bar

    This is standard application menu bar.

  2. Navigator

    The navigator controls the workspace view scrolling/zooming/rotation.

  3. Layer Panel

    The layer panel controls each layer settings.

  4. Color Panel

    The color panel provide drawing color selection in many ways.

  5. Tool Panel

    The tool panel shows tool listings and settings.

  6. Quick Bar

    The quick bar provide some useful buttons as shortcut.

    In this panel, you can quickly access undo/redo, selection manipulation, workspace zooming/rotation/flipping, and stabilizer settings.

  7. Workspace View

    The workspace view shows current working canvas.

  8. View Bar

    The view bar controls each view selection.

  9. Status Bar

    The status bar reports some useful informations in current status.