Color Panel

Color Panel

The color panel provide drawing color selection in many ways.

1. Display toggles for each pickers

This toggles displaying ON/OFF for each pickers.

2. HSV mode selector

In this menu, you can select color mode for color wheel and HSV sliders.


This mode is similar to standard HSV mode but keep color transitions more naturally in V-value is decreased.


Standard HSL color mode


Standard HSV color mode

3. Color Wheel

The color wheel provide to select hue with wheel, and colors from square region.

4. RGB Sliders

Color sliders with with red, green and blue levels.

5. HSV Sliders

Color sliders with hue, saturation and value levels.

6. Color Mixer

Selector from gradient of mixing two colors.

7. Swatches

You can select and store your favorite colors in the swatches.


Color select

SHIFT + Clicking

Put color

CTRL + Dragging Right Dragging

Move color

Right clicking

Swatches menu

8. Scratchpad

Small color blending canvas by brush drawing and pick blended colors with syringe.