Sky & Clouds

You Will Need: A Computer, Paint Tool Sai and Mouse (or Tablet)

1. Create a new canvas and colour it light blue!

2. Add a few darker shades over the top of your base colour and don't worry about how straight the lines are!

3. Select the blur tool and "blur" all of the colours together to create a more nautral looking sky.

4. Using the brush tool, draw the clouds outline in white!

5. Then colour it in with the brush! (Overlapping strokes get darker/whiter).

6. Keep scribbling on the cloud to whiten (highlight) it!

7. Now blend it all together with the watertool! However don't go overboard. Be gentle!

And, that's all there is too it! Easy peasy! I hope you were able to understand this little tutorial and if you have any questions please leave a comment on the forum!